About Us

St. John of Sochava's Liturgical Church Supply is focused on helping Orthodox communities in Canada by offering reasonable pricing and discounts to clergy and mission parishes throughout the North American Continent.

Mission Statement

St. John of Sochava's Liturgical Church Supply serves the liturgical needs of parishes and faithful while supporting and developing the liturgical, educational, and outreach activities of the Holy Orthodox Church.

Who We Are

St. John of Sochava's was started in early 2009 by Protodeacon Nazari Polataiko and Subdeacon Jeremy Scratch of
The Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral in Ottawa, Canada. As of 2016, St. John of Sochava's operates from Los Angeles, California. 

St. John of Sochava's was established to serve the liturgical needs of Orthodox and Byzantine Christian Churches, clergy and individuals in the US, Canada, North America and worldwide.

We fulfill this mandate by offering our clients high quality products of Eastern Christian Worship, including all necessary liturgical items such as chalices, candleholders, tabernacles, pectoral and altar crosses, liturgical vestments, printed and hand made icons, books, beeswax candles and wide variety of devotional Christian items.

Our store offers liturgical goods, icons and other devotional goods primarily from Ukraine, Russia and Canada. All items are produced by highly qualified Orthodox artists and craftsman, who work in Orthodox monasteries and Church workshops around the world.

We also offer a wide variety of custom designed, one of a kind items, such as hand or machine-embroidered vestments, miters, hand carved ecclesiastical furniture and iconostasis, authentic Orthodox icons, and custom designed, handcrafted ecclesiastical jewelry using precious metals and semi-precious stones.

We stand behind the products we offer, and will do our best to achieve the satisfaction of each and every customer of St. John of Sochava's Liturgical Church Supply.

Frequently Asked Questions